Nyepi at Sea (Bali Post, 2 November 2009)

Today, Monday 2 November 2009, the people of Kusamba (mainland Bali), are celebrating 'Nyepi Segara', Silence at Sea. As is the case with Nyepi Segara in Nusa Penida, all activities at sea are temporarily halted (for one day) in the sea area of Kusamba and immediate surroundings. At the same time, the Piodalan (anniversary of a temple) called 'Pakelem' is celebrated, and there will be no regular ferry services to Nusa Penida.


Image above: Lembongan beach (Olav Pelger, 2006)

Nyepi Segara takes place once a year, and the waters between Kusamba and Nusa Penida will be silent for one day. Nengah Sukasta, the Head of Provincial Department of Information, Transport & Communications (Dishubinfokom) announced the temporary closure of three traditional ports: Tri Bhuana Harbour, Kampung Kusamba and Banjar Bias Harbour. He added that this closure would not influence the stream of passengers leaving for Nusa Penida by Roro Nusa Jaya Abadi Ferry services from Padang Bai. He explains that the majority of Hindu worshippers leaving for Nusa Penida to celebrate 'Matirta Yatra' is not majorly affected, since many people will choose to go by privately chartered boats from Padang Bai for a round trip to Nusa Penida.


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