Mass cremations (Septawan, 2009)

Below article is a synopsis of I Wayan Andra Septawan's thesis obtained at the Universitas Hindu Indonesia in Denpasar in 2009. It describes mass cremation ceremonies at Banjar Jurang Pahit, in the northeast of Nusa Penida, just north of Kutampi. His university thesis begins with an abstract of the main points in English (adapted by author GD), followed by Septawan's conclusions and a list of informants.

Rituals (Merrett, 2003)

Below article is a 24 minute documentary made on the Island of Nusa Penida between 2000 and 2003. The film gives a brief overview of the island and documents two rituals (tooth filing and cremation) that are rites of passage for all Balinese Hindus. The narrative is indicated separately for each scene, and was written by Mark Merrett. Narrative by Susan Merrett.

Cubang water reservoir (Muka, 1990)

Below 'research report' by I Dewa Putu Muka et al. (1990) gives a description of the (symbolical) meaning of "cubang" or water storage facilities at the village of Klumpu, Nusa Penida. The construction of such "Cubang" is not only useful for providing clean water, but is also a matter involving the help of a lay priest to determine the propitious day and suitable place according to the Balinese calendar. The English abstract has been adapted to enhance readability by the author; a full English translation is forthcoming. The original research document can be obtained from the author GD, and the original Indonesian text follows below.

Film 'Noesa Penida' (Galeb Husin, 1988)

This rendering of this film - also known as 'Penida Islands' - was made possible by the Jakarta Film Institute (Gedung Pusat Perfilman, Sinematik, Jakarta; 26 November 2007). I would like to extend my gratitude to Melanja Palitta at Balans Lab at for converting this film into an online version. See 'Sources' below.

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