Cubang water reservoir (Muka, 1990)

Below 'research report' by I Dewa Putu Muka et al. (1990) gives a description of the (symbolical) meaning of "cubang" or water storage facilities at the village of Klumpu, Nusa Penida. The construction of such "Cubang" is not only useful for providing clean water, but is also a matter involving the help of a lay priest to determine the propitious day and suitable place according to the Balinese calendar. The English abstract has been adapted to enhance readability by the author; a full English translation is forthcoming. The original research document can be obtained from the author GD, and the original Indonesian text follows below.

Film 'Noesa Penida' (Galeb Husin, 1988)

This rendering of this film - also known as 'Penida Islands' - was made possible by the Jakarta Film Institute (Gedung Pusat Perfilman, Sinematik, Jakarta; 26 November 2007). I would like to extend my gratitude to Melanja Palitta at Balans Lab at for converting this film into an online version. See 'Sources' below.

Ledok instant (Suter, 2011)

In 2011, I Ketut Suter published a detailed study on instant 'Ledok' (available in pdf), an original, regional and traditional dish from Nusa Penida. In his study entitled 'Instant Ledok Formulation by Addition of Frigate Mackerel and Seaweed', he states that Ledok is 'a traditional food from Nusa Penida, Bali, in form of non-rice porridge. The main ingredients of ledok are corn and cassava, and other ingredients are peanut, red bean and spinach. These ingredients are locally available.

Nusa Penida (Ratna, 1991)

Below article discusses the novel 'Nusa Penida' (1949) by Andjar Asmara in an article by I Nyoman Kutha Ratna (1991) in relation to Balinese Society. Notes (catatan), in the original given at the end of the article, have been introduced immediately after the paragraph in question wherever possible. Additional remarks by the author G.Dijkman are given in square brackets. The original novel 'Nusa Penida' is available in pdf.

Noesa Penida, film script (Sani 1988)

Below article presents part of the movie script ('skenario') pages 1-5 by Asrul Sani of 'Noesa Penida, Penida Islands' (1988), a film production by Galeb Husin (1988), based upon the novel 'Nusa Penida' by Andjar Asmara (1949). The full script is available in pdf.

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