Cuisine: Lédok-lédok

Lédok-Lédok (Moreng-moreng): a vegetarian meal from Nusa Penida

serves four

Cooking ingredients
  • taro (keladi; Colocasia esculenta), 250gr
  • pumpkin, 500gr.
  • corn (roughly ground), 250gr
  • rice, 500gr.
  • long beans, 500gr.
  • amaranth (bayam; fresh leaves), 500gr.
  • kemangi (basil), handful
  • red beans (dried), 250gr.
  • garlic, 5 cloves
  • chilli peppers (fresh), 100gr
  • cekuh (kind of ginger), 200gr.
  • limao (small lemon), 2
  • union, 1
  • shrimp paste, trasi (possibly), a pinch


ledokledok05Ledoledok-51. Put the cooking spices in a blender, blend until reddish sauce

2. boil the red beans for about 20 min. or longer until nearly soft

3. boil rice and corn separately for about 20 min.

4. add (finely) chopped long beans, keladi, pumpkin, amaranth, cook for another 10 min or less

5. add red beans to rice/corn and vegetables

6. add kemangi (basil), few min.

7. add cooking spices

8. simmer for a few minutes, ready! Selamat makan! 

Recipe by Ibu Jero Made Tulus & Granny Si Ketut Rai, Bali Bird Sanctuary, Banjar Bodong, Ped, Nusa Penida, Bali - Indonesia (November 2009).

Images above: Ketut grinding cooking spices, Jero cleaning bayam

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