Dronkers, P.L. (1917-1996)

Pieter Leendert Dronkers (Middelharnis, 19 August 1917 - Eindhoven, 13 August 1996) was a civil servant to the Allied Military Administration Civil Affairs Branch and the "Binnenlands Bestuur" (Colonial Home Administration) at Negara Djembrana, Tabanan and Denpasar from 1946-1949.

Goesti Pandji Sakti (De Kat Angelino, 1925)

Below is a rendering of a Dutch article 'Goesti Pandji Sakti'. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, the following adaptations have been made: modern Balinese, Dutch & Indonesian spelling, grammar & punctuation; as a rule, this also goes for geographical names, except when there is uncertainty regarding spelling.

Balambangan (Lekkerkerker, 1923)

As historical background, below follows a rendering of Dutch article 'Balambangan', by C. Lekkerkerker (1923), in: Indische Gids, 1923, Jrg. 45, deel II, p.1030-1067. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, following adaptations have been made: spelling & grammar = modern Dutch; names = modern Indonesian (except titels): Balambangan = Blambangan, Mengoei = Mengwi; Baliër = Balinees etc.; (n) refers to the Note directly below.

Sedjarah Bali Kuna (Goris, 1948)

This article is a rendering of 'Sedjarah Bali Kuna' (Ancient History of Bali) by archaeologist and Bali expert Roelof Goris, written in 1948. It succinctly presents the ancient history of Bali in only 23 pages. This article is published here as background information, of interest as it states historical years, rulers and inscriptions.


Below list is a way of expressing the author's gratitude to the writers, scholars, researchers, men of letters, nature conservationists, informants, language specialists, archaeologists, web designers, historians, journalists and all those who have shared their knowledge on Nusa Penida (in alphabetical order).

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