Dronkers, P.L. (1917-1996)

Pieter Leendert Dronkers (Middelharnis, 19 August 1917 - Eindhoven, 13 August 1996) was a civil servant to the Allied Military Administration Civil Affairs Branch and the "Binnenlands Bestuur" (Colonial Home Administration) at Negara Djembrana, Tabanan and Denpasar from 1946-1949.


I Nyoman Djelada: Gora Sirikan, a talented and devoted writer on Balinese history

The only photograph known of the historian Djelada, Image courtesy of nephews I Nyoman Purnama, I Made Purnawan & Djelada's grandson I Nyoman Gede Indrayana.

Interview Pos Bali (July 2014)

Journalist Agus Komang Widiantara came over to Ubud (FNPF office) for an interview for Pos Bali on the investigations on the history of Nusa Penida, July 2014. Below follows the result, on the front page of this local newspaper of 30 & 31 July 2014. An English translation is presented directly below (by Widiantara, translation into English by Olwin Aldila; source, see below).

Ida Bagus Sideman


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Folk tales (Ketha, 2010)

I Dewa Nyoman Ketha Sudhiatmika, originally from Nusa Penida, in 2010 presented his university thesis at Sanatadharma University (Yogyakarta, Java), entitled 'The Other Balinese: Process of Reciprocated Alienation between the inhabitants of Nusa Penida and the people from Mainland Bali ('Orang Bali Yang Lain "Proses Saling Me-"liyan"-kan Antara orang Nusa Penida dan Bali Daratan').

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