Folk tales (Ketha, 2010)

I Dewa Nyoman Ketha Sudhiatmika, originally from Nusa Penida, in 2010 presented his university thesis at Sanatadharma University (Yogyakarta, Java), entitled 'The Other Balinese: Process of Reciprocated Alienation between the inhabitants of Nusa Penida and the people from Mainland Bali ('Orang Bali Yang Lain "Proses Saling Me-"liyan"-kan Antara orang Nusa Penida dan Bali Daratan').

Ida Bagus Sidemen

Sidemen-pageSuka Duka, his life story

Ida Bagus Sidemen, the eldest of four sons, was born on 20 September 1938 in the village of Nyalian, Klungkung. His father was a primary school teacher and his mother a housewife. He left elementary school in Banjarangkan in 1953, after which he finished Highschool in Singaraja in 1959. He pursued an academic career and in 1980 obtained his S1-title (Drs.) in History at the Faculty of Letters, Udayana University, Denpasar.

Nusa Penida: historical research


This website encompasses the history of the island group of Nusa Penida (Nusa Gede, Nusa Ceningan & Nusa Lembongan), sibling to mainland Bali, Indonesia.

The Bali Starling/Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) - Bali's fabled mascot, almost at the brink of extinction - named after Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937), found a new home on Nusa Penida in 2006. The discovery of this cheerful and sympathetic bird's new habitat on Nusa Penida was the start of research into its history in 2007.

This website is dedicated to Balinese historian Njoman Djelada, alias G(h)ora Sirikan (1906-1970), a hard-working writer and historian and a charismatic personality, whose talents were not fully appreciated during his lifetime. The author greatly enjoys his 'Sedjarah Bali' (History of Bali) and thinks it deserves the attention of an international audience. You will find this work in various stages published on this site.

Celebrating its 14th anniversary in 2021, author G.Dijkman welcomes input, feedback and critial notes. See Facebook page Nusa Penida history. Enjoy!

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  • Anello, Barbara (..) - Indonesian Folk Tales - The Yogi in Nusa Penida
  • Gara, I Wayan (1984) - Kamus Bahasa Bali Dialek Nusa Penida - Indonesia
  • Rahaja, Firman  (19..?) - Pengembara dari Nusa Penida - fiction, 128pp, Jakarta Cinta Media
  • Suada, I Nyoman (2005) - Selayang Pandang Nusa Penida, ditinjau dari perspektif sejarah, Denpasar: Yayasan Dewata
  • Tagel, Wayan Edy (?), ketua Program Studi Sejarah UNUD, Thesis on Toyapakeh Islam


I Nyoman Djelada: Gora Sirikan, a talented and devoted writer on Balinese history

The only photograph known of the historian Djelada, Image courtesy of nephews I Nyoman Purnama, I Made Purnawan & Djelada's grandson I Nyoman Gede Indrayana.

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