Bali Myna (Dijkman, 2007)

Godi Dijkman, in Birding Asia Number 7 - June 2007

Despite long-standing endeavours to salvage the critically endangered Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi from the hands of unscrupulous traders and status-conscious politicians, its numbers have dwindled in the past couple of decades to only a handful (see Birdlife International 2001).

Bali Myna (Sudaryanto, 2009)

The article below on the Bali Myna is a publication by biologist Sudaryanto, Department of Biology FMIPA at Universitas Udayana, published in 'Prosiding Seminar Nasional MIPAnet 2009, Bali 13-­14 Agustus 2009'. It discusses the distibution, behaviour, nesting and habitat of this bird in both West Bali National Park (TNBB) and Nusa Penida. To enhance comprehension, many of below data have been converted into tables by Godi Dijkman. The (adaptation of) the abstract and the translation of the original Indonesian text - which follows below - was done by Godi Dijkman.

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