Nusa Penida, why?

The two things that triggered the author's interest in the island group of Nusa Penida, Lembongan & Ceningan are the fabled mascot of the Balinese fauna, the Bali Starling, and the island's special relationship with its past and mythological origins. But what exactly is the island's history?

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Image: "Reciprocating with Ibu Pretiwi. Social organisations and the importance of plants, land and the ancestors in Nusa Penida" by Rodolfo A. Giambelli, Department of Anthropology Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies The Australian National University. Canberra, 1995

Nature conservation

The arid island of Nussa Penida has a somewhat questionable reputation as it once was an island of exiled convicts, an island that for most Balinese conjures up images of dark forces, fear and respect for the deity who is renowned for causing illnesses among disbelievers. With the introduction of the Bali Starling, the island's fame seems to be changing. This website explores the relationship between mythology, religion and nature and in what way it favours eco-tourism.

Academic research

The lack of information on Nusa Penida's past is another reason for this project. The content of this website is the result of careful study of a wide variety of literary and historical sources and elaborate discussions with historians, archeologists, geologists, men of letters, artists, inhabitants and other informants. Many articles were originally written in a foreign language: Dutch, Indonesian, German etc. Author Godi Dijkman has translated them into English, and presents the original articles at the bottom of each page so that the English text can be verified.

The ultimate objective of this website is to stimulate academic research into the island's history. The author is thankful for the assistence offered by scholars, who voluntarily contribute and assist in maintaining an envisaged academic degree of objectivity. Refer to for a list of advisors.

The author has done his utmost to respect all copyright material published on this website. Those who feel their rights have not been properly addressed are kindly advised to contact the author.

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