Babad Dalem (Tjatera et al. 1986)

Below follows the Indonesian translation of Balinese ‘Babad Dalem A’, by Tjatera (1986), see source below. To enhance readability, parts not pertaining directly to its contents, i.e. the string of 'historic' events in the tale itself, have been omitted. English translations and subtitles by G.Dijkman. THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER REVISION.

The Lay of Jaya Prana (Hooykaas, 1958)

Below article is a rendering of excerpts from 'The Lay of Jaya Prana, The Balinese Uriah', by C.Hooykaas, with English translations. Adaptations for readability and for purposes of research: modern Balinese, Dutch & Indonesian spelling. THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER REVISION.

Goesti Pandji Sakti (De Kat Angelino, 1925)

Below is a rendering of a Dutch article 'Goesti Pandji Sakti'. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, the following adaptations have been made: modern Balinese, Dutch & Indonesian spelling, grammar & punctuation; as a rule, this also goes for geographical names, except when there is uncertainty regarding spelling.

Balambangan (Lekkerkerker, 1923)

As historical background, below follows a rendering of Dutch article 'Balambangan', by C. Lekkerkerker (1923), in: Indische Gids, 1923, Jrg. 45, deel II, p.1030-1067. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, following adaptations have been made: spelling & grammar = modern Dutch; names = modern Indonesian (except titels): Balambangan = Blambangan, Mengoei = Mengwi; Baliër = Balinees etc.; (n) refers to the Note directly below.

Middeljavaansche Historische Traditie (Berg, 1927)

Below Dutch book is a rendering of famous University Ph.D thesis (loosely: 'The Central Javanese Historical Tradition') by C.C. Berg (1927). It is published here as valuable background information to the history of Gelgel, Bali. The book can be downloaded from, where a basic text is available. However, this text is poorly 'assembled', hence below revised version.

Adaptations to enhance readability & research include: modern Dutch spelling; names of people and places into modern standards in Balinese, Indonesian and Dutch: Blangbangan = Blambangan, Madhura = Madura, Koetoeran = Kuturan, Ayam-(W)Uruk = Hayam Wuruk, Kadiri = Kediri, Batan-Jruk = Batan Jeruk, Saganing = Seganing, Mesoela = Masula, To-Langkir = Tohlangkir, etc.; ç = s (except in quotations). '(n)' refers to a note directly below (italics).

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