Author & researcher Godi Dijkman has been living in and out of Indonesia for some thirteen years.

godiFrom 1996 to 1999 he worked as an English teacher for Voluntary Service Overseas in Toraja (Sulawesi), after which he spent a year in Bali. This is where he first learnt about Nusa Penida. From 2000-2002, and again from 2006-2007 he worked as an interpreter for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Aceh and the rest of the archipelago. In Holland, he has dedicated his time to teaching Dutch, English and Indonesian.

The first "live" encounter with the island was when working side by side with Friends of the National Parks Foundation (Ubud, Bali) where he voluntarily strove to contribute to nature conservation on the island. He published a series of articles on, amongst other subjects, the Bali Starling and cultural aspects of Nusa Penida. In recent years he has carried out more historical and literary research on the island.

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